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Samsung SSD Driver (NVMe PCIe) Updated to v2.1

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Hey all, it looks like Samsung quietly updated their NVMe PCIe SSD Driver to version 2.1 back in December 2016. If you have a Samsung PCIe NVMe SSD (Samsung 950 PRO, Samsung 960 EVO, Samsung 960 PRO), it's a good idea to update it. Looks like it improves power consumption and fixes an unsafe shutdown bug in Windows 8.1 and 10.

Here's a link to download the new SSD driver.

Here's a changelog of what's been updated. 

Rev 1.0 -  Initial release version
Rev 1.1 -  Driver version update for USB compatibility
Rev 2.0 -  Support for 960PRO and EVO
Rev 2.1 -  Improve idle power saving on Windows 10,  Unsafe shutdown bug fix on Windows 8.1 & 10

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