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  1. Newegg has a VERY, VERY good deal on a case and motherboard right now if you're looking for both. As a gift for purchasing the ASRock Z270M Pro4 motherboard, they're throwing in a Phanteks Eclipse P400 case which is a $69.99 value. The price for the entire combo is $114.99 + $5 rebate bringing the price down to $109.99. Shipping is free for ShopRunner, otherwise $3.99.
  2. Best Buy has a deal going on for $30 off the Western Digital Red NAS HDDs bringing the 4TB capacity drive down to $119.99. Shipping is free as is in store pickup. Check prices at Amazon here. If you need a great NAS drive for your NAS unit, this is a good choice.
  3. Ebay has a Good deal on the Amcrest IP2M-841 1080P IP Cam for $64.90 + Free S&H. We used it in our Build a DIY Video Surveillance article. Great little cameras at a reasonable price.
  4. Quick deal alert. Amazon has a great deal on a Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED CPU Cooler if you guys are in need of a cheap, but very good CPU cooler. It's basically the Hyper 212 with a LED fan. Carries the same design as the tried and true Hyper 212. It's currently $24.99 - $5 using the promo code GDC20. Then there's a $5 rebate on top of that bringing the total down to $14.99. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime or if you spend $35 or more.
  5. Hmm... your build actually has some issues. The Intel Core i7-7700 CPU won't work with the X99 Gaming motherboard. They're on different platforms. You need a Z270 like the Z270 PRIME-A. An easy way to tell if they're compatible is by their sockets. X99 is LGA2011v3 and the Z270 boards are LGA 1151. That should put you under budget. For the power supply, that one is fine. Super Flower makes some good stuff. Why two GTX 1060's? If you're buying a new system, always opt for a single more powerful card vs two. Gives you options down the road, less heat, and scaling isn't always 100% so your actual performance is never actually double what a single can do. Not to mention there's usually some driver issue that screws everything up. I'd only buy a second if it's actually the only option such as with the higher end stuff like a GTX Titan X. As for the cooler, that NH-D15 is great, but considering you're not getting a K series SKU, I'm assuming you're not planning on overclocking. If that's the case, you don't need something that powerful or that expensive. A Hyper 212 EVO will do the job just fine.
  6. Yeah, I hear ya. Aside from the bandwidth, something a bit more powerful gives you some options for other things as well like a IPS as well as an upgrade path. I figured size would be an issue with the ProLiant as well. Any reason why you went with a mATX platform case/mobo? Figure mITX would probably save you some space over mATX if you're looking for something small. You could get something like a Silverstone ML05B for pretty cheap. Toss in a mITX board. Still have room for a PCIe NIC or you could invest in a board with multiple Ethernet ports like the Gigabyte H97N mITX
  7. Since reviews aren't out, I can't say for sure whether the 1800x or 1700x is the way to go. The 1800X is supposedly a more overclockable chip than the 1700X, so if you're looking for maximum overclocks, then I'd probably go that route otherwise, I think the bang for the buck chip for AMD's initial launch will definitely be that 1700X. As for mobos with multiple M.2, generally you aren't likely to find motherboards that feature more than 1 M.2 slot, even on the Intel side. I know Gigabyte came out with one that has like 3x M.2 slots a while back, but that's probably the one board they made just to test the market. You'll probably do better with just a board with a lot of PCIe slots then just putting multiple M.2 expansion cards in to get what you need. I'm sure someone will develop a dual or quad M.2 expansion card with some PLX switches or something in it down the line as M.2 becomes more popular. They currently exist in the enterprise, but haven't trickled its way down yet. What are you trying to do with all those M.2 960's anyhow? Just curious. If it's capacity, Samsung has 2TB Samsung 960 PROs out. As for Optane, yes so far that's a Intel only feature and it's not even compatible with most Intel stuff. Either way, if you get a Samsung 960 PRO, I highly doubt a 3D XPoint caching solution will be much faster. Never had much faith in caching when it comes to these things. Go full solid state or don't. Go full 3D XPoint or don't. That said, I haven't seen any performance demos or anything for Optane, so that's just my 2c.
  8. Sure thing. Let us know how it turns out! :)
  9. The system looks very good. For the SSD, I would go with the Samsung 960 PRO if the budget allows and if you can find stock. It's significantly better than the Intel 600P. I would recommend the Intel 600p more for general computing rather than workstation. Slower and significantly lower endurance. If you're working with large 3D render projects, it will be a bottleneck. Aside form that, you can go lower wattage on that power supply. 1000w is massively overkill for a single GTX 1080. 650W would be much more reasonable and should be a lot cheaper. If you're not gaming on it, also consider a Quadro card. Also, the IronWolf HDD is designed for NAS use. Why not get the Seagate Barracuda? Same thing, no NAS oriented features for a lower price.
  10. Yeah, this thread is pretty old and the best cases article is pretty old as well. An update is definitely coming soon though. :)
  11. Are you referring to this article? If so, I just tested it and it built me a link just fine. Which ISO you trying to download? Windows 10? If it doesn't work, maybe try downloading the legacy version of the ISO downloader. Otherwise, you can always also go to the Microsoft website and go through their process to download the ISO and make a boot drive.
  12. Ahhh OK. Well, 890Mbps isn't that bad actually. With overhead, Gigabit LAN will already drops to about 940Mbps. That said, your system doesn't cost all that much more than an Atom or Celeron based one and it does give you future capability for adding more functionality down the road. The only cost is higher electricity usage. That did get me looking a bit though and I did find this HP ProLiant which is fairly cheap. Add in a Intel Dual NIC and maybe a SSD you're good to go for ~$300 total. I like the server boards since they usually have remote management. If not remote video, there usually is remote reboot, sensor monitoring, etc. As long as you've got clearance in the area where you're looking to place the server, it could be an easier solution. Just a thought.
  13. Wow that's going to be quite the powerful router/firewall. Those options you presented are all actually good alternatives to each other. I'd just choose based on pricing. Is this for a home or business? Are you doing anything else with this system? Reason I ask is because you can get a pre-built system like this for under $300. For home use it should be more than enough and be significantly more power efficient than the Intel Core i3.
  14. Sweet. That's an excellent build. Whats up with the 1000w PSU? Was it that cheap or you have some big plans down the road?
  15. Best Buy is currently running a promotion for a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 with the purchase of the Samsung 850 EVO. If you've been looking to pick up both, this could be a good choice. Link