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  1. Haha that thing. Yeah my friend has one and yeah it's like cheating. I mean, you're playing with a mouse and keyboard while everyone else is using a gamepad. I don't care what some console gamers believe. Gamepads will never be better than mouse and keyboard for stuff like RTS or FPS games. Just won't happen. But yeah, he basically play everything with that. Been telling him to get a PC to play with mouse/keyboard for years, but seems like he just turned his console into a PC haha.
  2. Could this be the upcoming AMD Ryzen CPU SKU list? R7 1800X R7 PRO 1800 R7 1700X R7 1700 R7 PRO 1700 R5 1600X R5 PRO 1600 R5 1500 R5 PRO 1500 R5 1400X R5 PRO 1400 R5 1300 R5 PRO 1300 R3 1200X R3 PRO 1200 R3 1100 R3 PRO 1100
  3. Well, that didn't last long. Thoughts?
  4. Great job on the review. I learned a lot about UPSes. Sorry to revive an old thread, but do you still recommend getting the BR1500G or is there something else in the pricerange that will work better?
  5. Well, looks like that did the trick. I installed and uninstalled Origin, restarted the PC and it's working. Thanks!
  6. Just tried it, but I'm still getting an error. Any other ideas?
  7. Hope this is the right section. I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and installed Origin to play Battlefield 1. I think Origin opened right one time where I downloaded the game, but when I try to open Origin again, I keep getting two errors. Has anybody else experienced this issue? Anyone know any solutions to this?
  8. Hey Sam I saw this on the Nvidia feed. So GP102 is basically GP100 without HBM2 support? From the looks of it, it has the same CUDA cores.
  9. So basically 16GB HBM2 coming soon to Pascal Titan or 1080 Ti in Q4?
  10. Hey Sam, it's great to see that you're still around and working on the site. It's been quiet around here for a good minute.
  11. Hmm... that's interesting. Didn't know we were about to hit a wall on CPU technology so soon. Can't architecture improvements still further improve performance without a die shrink? Something like Nvidia's Maxwell which is still 28nm, but much more efficient than Kepler.
  12. Just stumbled across this circulating through the interwebs. Nvidia CEO just posted a blogpost regarding the GTX 970 spec errors. What do you guys think? Link
  13. That's a pretty good deal. I'm not sure about OCZ though. Are they any good these days?
  14. The GTX 960 is a great card and I think it should do what you're looking for based on your requirements. It should play Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Skyrim and WoT just fine at 1080p with the settings either maxed or close to max. I'm not quite sure about GTA 5, but it shouldn't have too many issues at 1080p.
  15. If you have a Nvidia SHIELD, Nvidia announced a couple new games for their GRID streaming service. Saints Row IV is already available. Alan Wake is coming on 2/24 and Metro: Last Light Redux is coming on 3/3. Enjoy! Link