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    Custom PC for 3D Rendering and Animation

    Hmm... your build actually has some issues. The Intel Core i7-7700 CPU won't work with the X99 Gaming motherboard. They're on different platforms. You need a Z270 like the Z270 PRIME-A. An easy way to tell if they're compatible is by their sockets. X99 is LGA2011v3 and the Z270 boards are LGA 1151. That should put you under budget. For the power supply, that one is fine. Super Flower makes some good stuff. Why two GTX 1060's? If you're buying a new system, always opt for a single more powerful card vs two. Gives you options down the road, less heat, and scaling isn't always 100% so your actual performance is never actually double what a single can do. Not to mention there's usually some driver issue that screws everything up. I'd only buy a second if it's actually the only option such as with the higher end stuff like a GTX Titan X. As for the cooler, that NH-D15 is great, but considering you're not getting a K series SKU, I'm assuming you're not planning on overclocking. If that's the case, you don't need something that powerful or that expensive. A Hyper 212 EVO will do the job just fine.