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  2. This is my first build for a gaming PC... please let me know if these parts will work well together.
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  4. introduction

    Hey BabuBhai, welcome to the forums!
  5. Ahhh icic.... Well, try sticking it onto another Intel system. Let me know if it works out. Good luck! =)
  6. memory

    What motherboard are you planning to install it? Generally, if you want to increase memory by adding more, ideally you want to add more sticks of the exact same to prevent any issues.
  7. memory

    Hi, I want to purchase 16GB DDR3 Ram for my Desktop. I have installed 8GB Ram but now I want to increase my memory. Can anyone recommend me which brand will be the best? Thanks in advance. __________
  8. Hello Brad, Nice to meet you here. I am new here. I have no idea about your problem, So many experts are here, I hope they will give you a better solution. Thanks. ________
  9. Hello everyone, Myself BabuBhai from Bangladesh. I might want to present myself and my work. I am a visual originator situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I as of late moved on from my MFA contemplates and have a couple of years of involvement with different undertakings. I might want to get into mold/way of life ventures sooner rather than later so as a begin I say howdy here. Many Thanks. ____________
  10. Hey Andy, yup that looks like a solid build to me. If you're willing to spend a couple extra bucks, I'd recommend dropping both the SSD and HDD and just going with a bigger, better SSD. These days you can get a 525GB Crucial MX300 for not much more.
  11. yes.. thats what i want to do... I just want to get the data off the drives first. Anything I can do to read them would work. I tried some drive recovery software but because the way stripe 0 writes the data the files the recovery software pulls off the drive is fragmented... The files are partial. If I could copy from both drives into one disk and put the data together i would be happy!
  12. Hmmm... maybe other RAID chipsets might work. You can experiment, but I'm pretty certain another system with an Intel chipset should work right off the bat. Personally I'd just copy the data on the drive to a SSD and be done with the RAID 0 HDD setup then unraid those drives and use it as separate drives.
  13. Thanks for your reply Sam! So you think any MoBo with an intel chipset should do it eh? I wish there was a way for me to use my external sled to load them up. I have a duel hot swappable sata drive dock... I had imagined that I would be able to find some software that could link up the drives somehow. Thanks again!
  14. 1. If it's an ASUS Rampage II Extreme, it should use Intel RAID. If you purchased a new Intel based board, I don't see why it wouldn't be detected right off the bat if you enable Intel RAID. 2. See 1 Yeah, older motherboards get a bit more expensive once production is gone. While there aren't many buyers, there's limited stock which causes the price to go up.
  15. I want to know if these items are good enough together and plus I also need everything i would like people's inputs about this pc thanks
  16. Hello! So I have two hard drives from a build from years ago that were running in a RAID Strip 0 configuration on a Asus Rampage II Extreme... My question is two fold: 1: Does anyone know a way that I could mount these disks outside of actually booting the disks on the original chipset/raid controller? Like as in is there a software that will allow me to read the drives sledded? There is no problem with the drives, only that i don't have the original system the drives were in. 2. If i wanted to build a super cheap rig that I could use just to boot into these drives, would i need to use the exact same Motherboard or are there other boards with the same RAID support that would let me boot my drives? For instance... I was running an Asus Rampage II Extreme with these drives... but is there another old MoBo that would work as well? Something I could get on eBay or something? When looking on eBay for old Rampage II Extremes, I was shocked to see them having a $300.00 price tag. Its like an 8 year old motherboard! Thanks in advance! - Brad
  17. Well, the RX 480's performance is somewhere closer to a GTX 1060. If you want something more powerful, AMD is expected to launch their enthusiast VEGA graphics platform by Q2. Unfortunately, no performance details on it are available, but it's expected to be somewhere between a GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti. No pricing is known ATM. For the Witcher 3 however, I'd recommend a Nvidia GPU, so GTX 1060 would be the RX 480 equivalent. The Witcher 3 is a Nvidia optimized game so it runs slightly better on Nvidia GPUs.
  18. Alright. I am wondering is it more worth it to get a rx480 instead?
  19. The GTX 1070 or 1080 will both be fine. You may have a little bit of bottlenecking, but IMO it certainly wouldn't be cost efficient to upgrade the platform for the relatively minor gain in FPS. I'd rather have you spend the extra on a GTX 1080 Ti or Titan xP.
  20. Well i am willing to fork out the cash so im thinking of a 1080 or maybe a 1070 as i am going for a vr ready system but will any of my other parts bottleneck? I will like to play games such as witcher 3 at ultra settings on 1440p at 60
  21. Build looks mostly OK. I would swap either the i5-6600K for a non-K model (i5-6600) or the B250M to a Z170 or Z270 since the K models and the Z motherboards allow you to take advantage of the unlocked multiplier for overclocking. If you're not planning on overclocking, go with a non-K version of the CPU. Also, 7th Gen core processors are out, so you can pickup an Intel Core i5-7600K or i5-7600 rather than an i5-6600 for a minor performance improvement. As for the GPU, the RX 480 or GeForce GTX 1060 are both good. It really depends on which games you play since each company has games that are optimized better for the specific GPU. What's your budget and what games are you trying to play?
  22. What games are you planning to play and at what resolution/quality? The CPU, SSD, and RAM looks OK. I would probably just upgrade the GPU and the PSU. Which GPU would depend on what you're playing and at what resolution/quality.
  23. Need help with upgrading of my current setup as its getting old and i am unable to play new games properly anymore. Current Setup GPU: GTX 750TI OC Storage: Samsung SSD 840 EVO, Toshiba 1TB Motherboard: ASROCK B85M PRO 4 RAM:F3-1600C11S-4GNT x2 CPU:i5-4440 @ 3.10GHz PSU:CM Elite Power 400W Just tell me what ever i need to upgrade or is it better to just get a new one. if so what setup will be the best for gaming at 1500 dollars without reusing my old parts.
  24. Looking for some advice on my first PC Build and introduction into PC gaming. Not sure which GPU would be better, or if any problems (heat, bottlenecking, overclocking etc...) Also will I need any extra fans as the case comes with 1 front 120mm fan. Intel I5-6600K Cooler Master Hyper T2 MSI B250M Gaming Pro Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8gb Seagate barracuda 2Tb Fractal Core1000 case EVGA 500w MSI Radeon RX 480 OR MSI GeForce 1060
  25. Changing the HDD to SSD was probably the only big upgrade you could make to it. The overheating issues, I'd recommend changing the TIM and cleaning out the fans. I'm not so sure you can replace the fans with anything other than the stock ones as laptop fans are usually proprietary. As for the DVD slot, most companies usually sell an adapter which allows you to put another drive or a battery in there. You can't install RAM into an expresscard slot, but if the RAM is removable you can add more to that. Also, you might be able to upgrade the CPU, but at that point I think you've put too much money into the system and would be better off buying a new used laptop.
  26. Your system looks good IMO. As for GTX 1070 vs Vega, that's going to be difficult since Vega isn't out yet. Early rumors are saying performance is somewhere between a GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti.
  27. Hello everyone. Couple of mounth ago I started to use my old laptop Asus S6F leather edition because my zenbook broke down. It appeared that for such an old laptop it was doing a pretty good job! It has been now 3 mounth I am using it and it is so vintage that I love it now. Unfortunatly the laptop is falling apart and I don't want to let down such great piece of hardware. So i decided to save it !!! One summary of what I have done: So far so good, I change the HDD for a SSD to speed up the system, And I took out the dvd reader to save some weight and some juice. This laptop was at the time the very high end of laptop costing up to 2000$, very compact with an 11' screen. (Screen which is surprisingly still damm good for 2017! you can almost bend it ) It has an intel core duo L7200 and it does a pretty good job in streaming hd movies and I can even play Halo combat evolved! Everything works so well in such old and compact laptop that has 10 years old... Yes but: Firstly because of the ssd the processor is at the edge to assimilate all the data at once, actually it is still well balanced but the processor overheats quickly 100° and then threshold to keep the system alive. (FIRST ISSUE) Second the Max Ram is 1.5 go and even if windows 10 does a good job I am hoping to find a way to break the manufacturer limit ! Because the processor is in 64 bit I looking to somehow manage to put more ram into the system (one free slot) (Second issue) Third: It looks like the motherboard has more ports than I thought and I hope to somehow put more hardware into the it to bef up the system Now I am going to give you a list of what I think I can do, and you are more than welcome to give your advice: Changing the Fan with a more powerfull one and add one more (maybe in the free dvd reader slot) and thermal pas changing Using the sata port of the Dvd player slot for ??? I dunno yet Using the express card reader to beef up the system using it as a way to add more ram? I need your help on this one ! I am not sure but I think it is possible New keyboard and pad(it melted down because the computer was still on in its cover one day) New battery (i am going to change the cell myself with much powerfull ones) Fix AC port (wich is loosy) To conclude I need to made it operate at temperature less important and I need to find a way to get more ram. The good news is that many parts needed are still available on ebay, the bad news is that it is a pain in the a** to disassemble. So I really need to know what I am doing! Once again advices welcome!
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