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  2. Yes, you can write VBA codes to do that for you. I just find a macro which may be close to what you need. Sub CountItems() Dim objMainFolder As Outlook.Folder Dim lItemsCount As Long 'Select a folder Set objMainFolder = Outlook.Application.Session.PickFolder If objMainFolder Is Nothing Then MsgBox "You choose select a valid folder!", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly, "Warning for Pick Folder" Else 'Initialize the total count lItemsCount = 0 Call LoopFolders(objMainFolder, lItemsCount) End If 'Display a message for the total count MsgBox "There are " & lItemsCount & " items in the " & objMainFolder.Name & " folder Including its subfolders.", vbInformation, "Count Items" End Sub Sub LoopFolders(ByVal objCurrentFolder As Outlook.Folder, lCurrentItemsCount As Long) Dim objSubfolder As Outlook.Folder lCurrentItemsCount = lCurrentItemsCount + objCurrentFolder.Items.Count 'Process all folders and subfolders recursively If objCurrentFolder.Folders.Count Then For Each objSubfolder In objCurrentFolder.Folders Call LoopFolders(objSubfolder, lCurrentItemsCount) Next End If End Sub And here is the link of the macro, tou can see if it helps Good luck
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  4. Hi, I need to check the total number of items in a folder frequently, But there are a lot of subfolders under this folder. The total number of items which shows in the right of the folder doesn't contain the number of items in its subfolders. So I need to count them by plusing them all by myself. So my question is that can I just set the outlook to show the total number of items in a folder inculding its subfolders. How to do that ?
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  6. With this day and age of streaming live and the revolution of 2 PC setups I will show you how to build a budget friendly well performance 2nd PC to handle all your streaming needs . Keep in mind this PC is Strictly optimized to Run RECentral 3 and OBS ONLY ! . This is not a gaming computer but a affordable $250 broadcasting beast . If you like the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more content. Please be Gentle I'm currently on crutches with knee surgery so my video angles are not the best LuL . Please note most parts I got off craigslist : Ultimate Streaming PC Build
  7. For getting accurate and better processor results i recommend you to post your query on dell official forums or just read various articles present-on dell official website. But according to users's experience best processor upgrade for DELL OPTIPLEX 780 is: Intel® Core™2 Quad Intel® Core™2 Duo; Intel® Pentium® Dual Core; Intel® Celeron® Dual Core; Intel® Celeron® Chipset Intel® Q45 Express Chipset w/ICH10DO For more assistant support check Dell Optiplex 780 Manual.
  8. Hi Sam and thanks for the reply! The reason he chose that case is because he wanted a case to last while still being nice looking and effective. If you got any recomendations for a full tower that has lots of space and has effective cooling he is open for sugestions. And for the harddrives he chose the Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD to have his games while still having a fast secondary harddrive for programs and everything else. And the Samsung 960 EVO and WD blue 1TB was a few hunder bucks cheaper than buying a samsung 960 PRO 2TB. And I heard that the pro series of samsung is running hot, is that true?
  9. That case seems to be a bit overkill and the thermal paste is unnecessary (included with the H110i), but otherwise it looks like an excellent build. Also, why the Samsung 960 EVO paired with a WD Blue 1TB? I'd personally go with something like a Samsung 960 PRO 2TB or just go with a Samsung 850 EVO 2TB or 4TB. You could always put in a large PCIe SSD later down the road if the budget is limited right now.
  10. So my friend is wanting to build a new super high end pc and wants some help and opinions before he spends his money, the website is a swedish one but parts are in english so hope you guys can understand. Would be appriciated with the feedback of the build. The build is ment for high perfomance in games and is built for gaming only.
  11. This is my first build for a gaming PC... please let me know if these parts will work well together.
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    Hey BabuBhai, welcome to the forums!
  13. Ahhh icic.... Well, try sticking it onto another Intel system. Let me know if it works out. Good luck! =)
  14. memory

    What motherboard are you planning to install it? Generally, if you want to increase memory by adding more, ideally you want to add more sticks of the exact same to prevent any issues.
  15. memory

    Hi, I want to purchase 16GB DDR3 Ram for my Desktop. I have installed 8GB Ram but now I want to increase my memory. Can anyone recommend me which brand will be the best? Thanks in advance. __________
  16. Hello Brad, Nice to meet you here. I am new here. I have no idea about your problem, So many experts are here, I hope they will give you a better solution. Thanks. ________
  17. Hello everyone, Myself BabuBhai from Bangladesh. I might want to present myself and my work. I am a visual originator situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I as of late moved on from my MFA contemplates and have a couple of years of involvement with different undertakings. I might want to get into mold/way of life ventures sooner rather than later so as a begin I say howdy here. Many Thanks. ____________
  18. Hey Andy, yup that looks like a solid build to me. If you're willing to spend a couple extra bucks, I'd recommend dropping both the SSD and HDD and just going with a bigger, better SSD. These days you can get a 525GB Crucial MX300 for not much more.
  19. yes.. thats what i want to do... I just want to get the data off the drives first. Anything I can do to read them would work. I tried some drive recovery software but because the way stripe 0 writes the data the files the recovery software pulls off the drive is fragmented... The files are partial. If I could copy from both drives into one disk and put the data together i would be happy!
  20. Hmmm... maybe other RAID chipsets might work. You can experiment, but I'm pretty certain another system with an Intel chipset should work right off the bat. Personally I'd just copy the data on the drive to a SSD and be done with the RAID 0 HDD setup then unraid those drives and use it as separate drives.
  21. Thanks for your reply Sam! So you think any MoBo with an intel chipset should do it eh? I wish there was a way for me to use my external sled to load them up. I have a duel hot swappable sata drive dock... I had imagined that I would be able to find some software that could link up the drives somehow. Thanks again!
  22. 1. If it's an ASUS Rampage II Extreme, it should use Intel RAID. If you purchased a new Intel based board, I don't see why it wouldn't be detected right off the bat if you enable Intel RAID. 2. See 1 Yeah, older motherboards get a bit more expensive once production is gone. While there aren't many buyers, there's limited stock which causes the price to go up.
  23. I want to know if these items are good enough together and plus I also need everything i would like people's inputs about this pc thanks
  24. Hello! So I have two hard drives from a build from years ago that were running in a RAID Strip 0 configuration on a Asus Rampage II Extreme... My question is two fold: 1: Does anyone know a way that I could mount these disks outside of actually booting the disks on the original chipset/raid controller? Like as in is there a software that will allow me to read the drives sledded? There is no problem with the drives, only that i don't have the original system the drives were in. 2. If i wanted to build a super cheap rig that I could use just to boot into these drives, would i need to use the exact same Motherboard or are there other boards with the same RAID support that would let me boot my drives? For instance... I was running an Asus Rampage II Extreme with these drives... but is there another old MoBo that would work as well? Something I could get on eBay or something? When looking on eBay for old Rampage II Extremes, I was shocked to see them having a $300.00 price tag. Its like an 8 year old motherboard! Thanks in advance! - Brad
  25. Well, the RX 480's performance is somewhere closer to a GTX 1060. If you want something more powerful, AMD is expected to launch their enthusiast VEGA graphics platform by Q2. Unfortunately, no performance details on it are available, but it's expected to be somewhere between a GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti. No pricing is known ATM. For the Witcher 3 however, I'd recommend a Nvidia GPU, so GTX 1060 would be the RX 480 equivalent. The Witcher 3 is a Nvidia optimized game so it runs slightly better on Nvidia GPUs.
  26. Alright. I am wondering is it more worth it to get a rx480 instead?
  27. The GTX 1070 or 1080 will both be fine. You may have a little bit of bottlenecking, but IMO it certainly wouldn't be cost efficient to upgrade the platform for the relatively minor gain in FPS. I'd rather have you spend the extra on a GTX 1080 Ti or Titan xP.
  28. Well i am willing to fork out the cash so im thinking of a 1080 or maybe a 1070 as i am going for a vr ready system but will any of my other parts bottleneck? I will like to play games such as witcher 3 at ultra settings on 1440p at 60
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