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Max Keyboard Group Buy Thread #16

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  • Max Keyboard Group Buy Thread #16

    You guys requested it, so here it is. #16.

    Again, it's 20% for either the Nighthawk X8/X9 or Durandal G1N/G1NL if we can get 10. Yes, they ship to different addresses, yes they ship worldwide, and yes international warranty is covered. Be sure to check on their website for shipping cost as it's pretty expensive if you live overseas. You will have to be able to ship it back to them at your own expense though, so it may not be worth it. Also, per previous experiences with the other group buy, the 20% off will cover ANYTHING you buy on the site, so if you add custom LEDs, keycaps and stuff, it will all be 20% off.

    Full details / restrictions on this at the Max Keyboard website.
    Max Keyboard Group Buy 20% Discount! | Max Keyboard Blog

    Get 20% off your order when you purchase 10 or more of our mechanical keyboard - Nighthawk or Durandal series- Cannot combine with other promotional offers.
    - Multiple shipping address. (contact us for more detail)
    - All sales are final on special deal. 1 year warranty included.

    *Retail Value: $99.99 - $149.99
    *Group Discount: Saving up to $299.98
    According to my terrible math skills, the pricing will be....
    NightHawk X8 - $144.99 original --> $115.99 after discount
    NightHawk X9 - $149.99 original --> $119.99 after discount
    Max Keyboard Durandal G1N - $99.99 original --> $79.99 after discount
    Max Keyboard Durandal G1NL - $144.99 original --> $115.99 after discount

    Shipping can be calculated through the Max Keyboard website. Just add to cart and there's a shipping calculator.

    FYI difference between the NightHawk X8/x9 and Durandal G1N/G1NL
    NightHawk X8 - Cherry MX Brown Switches + Blue LEDs
    NightHawk X9 - Cherry MX Red Switches + Red LEDs
    Durandal G1N - Cherry MX Brown Switches + No backlighting
    Durandal G1NL - Cherry MX Brown Switches + Red LEDs

    Customizations covered under the 20%. Here's the current pricing list (8/1/2012) I got from Max Keyboard for customizations. For updated pricing, contact Max Keyboard directly.
    1. LED Customization:
    - $2 for each LED, flat rate $70 for over 35 LEDs.

    2. Switches Customization (price include LED change):
    - $5 for each Switch, flat rate $100 for over 20 switches

    3. 50A O-Ring installation: $15/keyboard, there are 125pcs O-ring in a pack, unused O-ring will be packed/ship with keyboard.

    - All Sale are final for customized keyboard
    - One year warranty will be included
    - Free signature cable strap for 5 ~ 34 LEDs customized.
    - Free key caps set, signature cable strap, key cap puller for Customization fees over $70.

    Group Buy List (Need 10)

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    I'm in. Thanks for the new thread Sam.


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      Outstanding! Count me in!


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        Count me in! Thanks


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          I'm in for 1 Thanks so much!


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            Wow, thank you! I'm IN!


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              group buy

              I'm in for an X8.

              Does anyone know if it is possible to do an X7 instead? It's the same price as an X8.
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                I'm in too!


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                  In for one too!


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                    I'm in too!


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                      I'm in too.


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                        we got 10! Yay, lets order

                        I spilled water in my keyboard and need to get this ball rolling. Typing on my roomate's old keyboard is torture!


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                          I'm in for the X7.


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                            Yay 10! Go! Go! Go!


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                              Wow, you guys are quick. I'll go ahead and shoot a message over to Max Keyboard for the codes. Stay tuned.

                              EDIT: Received the codes. Go ahead and PM me for them.