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Need Advice for Gaming PC (Being Built Late 2013)

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  • Need Advice for Gaming PC (Being Built Late 2013)

    Hello, my name is Fritz. For the past two and a half years I have been using a MacBook Pro 13 inch for all of my gaming requirements and it has served me well. My father and I decided that we are going to custom build a PC for when I return to my home-state most likely permanently. My father has built a couple PCs, including my old out-dated one and my brother's high-end PC. I am quite good with working on the PC, but know nothing of specs and cooling and all of the other aspects involved in creating a high-end decent budget gaming PC. I will most likely be streaming from it as well and would love it to be able to handle any new-ish game on medium-high settings while streaming at 60 FPS. Most likely the game will be League of Legends so obviously that is less of a high-end requirement game to stream. So, overall, I would like a mildly portable PC with a great graphics card, able to withstand some high-end games. I would also like any helpful tips on what direction to head in terms of monitors and keyboards. I currently have a Razer Orochi 2013 mouse and am going to stick with that. I know information is subject to change within 7-10 months but please help me at least get a list going. My father told me to do some research but I am lost in a sea of terms and names that I cannot differentiate. Thank you so much for your help in creating a gaming PC

    Been informed the budget is around 750 dollars.
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    in 7-10 months many new things gonna come in market and the prices of old stuff is gonna go down so in my opinion its not a good idea of making a list now you can do it a month or so before buying it and maybe be gtx 800 series based on maxwell architecture gets released in 2014-Q1

    there are lots of things comming mate......
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