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Best Budget AMD Gaming PC Build Under $800 [October 2012]

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  • Best Budget AMD Gaming PC Build Under $800 [October 2012]

    AMD FX-4170
    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

    I read the article and reviews on the system described and thought it looked like a great build for me. I purchased all the components as recommended from amazon and put the system together. Turning it on, motherboard, drives and fans all power beep and no video. Rechecked everything to instructions, all was well. Thought maybe video card bad so swapped with older known working card. Still nothing. Thought problem could be motherboard or CPU so replaced them, rechecked everything but still no video, no POST beep.

    Has anyone else built this system? Are all the components even compatibl? I've built PCs before and never had this issue. Unless I have a gross conceptual error, the only conclusion I can reach is the parts are not compatible. Can anyone recommend my next step?

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    try resitting the RAM and check if the 8-pin CPU power connector is plugged in.


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      ^What he said.

      Generally if there's no POST beep, it has something to do with the memory. Remove each stick of memory and try them one stick at a time through each memory slot on the motherboard. Also, check all power cables and make sure it's all connected. If the graphics card requires a 6 pin connector, make sure that's connected as well.